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Five Reasons You Should Invest In A Latex Mattress




Would you like an insider’s tip on what you should invest in this year?

I’m talking an investment that will pay back dividends first thing in the morning for many years to come.

Do you really want to know?

OK I’ll tell you… it’s a Latex mattress.

No I’m not talking about the kind of latex gloves that your doctor puts on just before he asks you to cough.

No… I’m talking about an all-natural botanical latex mattress that is harvested from the rubber tree in Thailand.

Listed are five solid reasons you should invest in a latex mattress.

 1)    Lower Carbon Footprint:

Producing a natural latex core needs only half the total energy required it takes to make a polyurethane foam core.

Not only does it require less energy compared to both an innerspring mattress and polyurethane foam mattress (think memory foam), the carbon dioxide emissions are also lower in a latex mattress during its life cycle.

How sweet is that?

You get an awesome mattress that not only pays dividends to your body but also to our planet.

Sounds like a win win situation.

2)    Support:

Have you heard that saying, “support your friend even if you don’t support their situation”?

Well, a latex mattress supports your frame even if it doesn’t support your diet choices.

Let’s face it… as we get older we tend to gain more weight and require more support for our growing bodies.

Sleeping on a latex mattress provides your body with the best support it needs throughout the night.

3)    Little to no Off Gassing:

I say little because there is some latex that is blended or synthetic that may have some off gassing (not as much as polyurethane foam).

There is no off gassing if it is an all-natural latex mattress.

Who wants to spend one third of their life inhaling potential toxic materials?

It’s bad enough when your partner off gasses so why would you want your mattress to off gas?

Some mattresses contain the toxin Formaldehyde that has been linked to asthma, allergies, and lung, nose and throat cancers.

So when it comes to off gassing I like to say thanks but no thanks.

4)    Durability:

I haven’t seen a mattress hold up better over the years than a pure latex mattress.

I have seen numerous latex mattresses 25 plus years old and still maintaining its original shape without the sagging that comes along with most mattresses.

Have you heard of the investment strategy buy and hold?

Well, with a latex mattress that is what you do, you buy and hold on to that for a very very long time.

5)    Comfort:

Yes comfort is subjective so this is a tough one.

If you are the type that likes the “pillowy” feel of a mattress as if you are sinking into it then a pure latex mattress may not be your choice of comfort.

However, if comfort to you is feeling the support and relieving of pressure in all the right places then in my opinion you can’t find anything more comfortable than a Latex mattress… not even more comfortable than the mattress at your favorite hotel.

If you know of any more reasons why one should or should not invest in a latex mattress leave them in the comments below as we would love to hear your feedback.

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