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Memory Foam

Our memory foam mattresses use some of the highest quality and highest density memory foam around, and we’re hundreds if not thousands of dollars cheaper than some leading brands.

Orthopedic Mattresses

Our Orthopedic mattresses are designed with your back in mind. They are made with a high carbon steel innerspring that gives you optimum support and durability.

RV Mattresses

With the thousands of dollars you spent on your RV, don’t settle for a cheap, flimsy, unsupportive stock RV mattress. Our RV mattresses will give you the comfort, support and longevity you’re used to experiencing at home.

Boat Mattresses

We’ve been building mattresses for the San Diego boating community for over 20 years . Our boat mattresses will give you the comfort and luxury you’re used to at home, while on the sea.

Custom Mattress

Whether you need a custom mattress for your boat, RV, antique bed, or even a Shaq, we got your custom mattress solutions taken care of. We can make any mattress any size, shape or feel you need.