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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Mattress Makers partnered with Pixel Me Pink to create a new online presence where you can: stay up to date on all of our happenings via our blog check out our latest products Get to know a little bit more about our story Take […]

RV Mattresses

Searching for a way to make your mobile home yours? Retailers create stock beds for RV’s which often do not give you the support and comfort you need after a long night on the road. Getting a good nights sleep is essential to being able to utilize your RV to the fullest! At San Diego […]

Boat Mattresses

It’s a couple weeks before you head out to sea and you are working on your boat making sure that everything is in order. You take a break and lie down on the bed only to realize that the mattress definitely wasn’t made for comfort. You now have a two choices. The first choice is […]

Earn Extra Money Refer A Friend

We are excited to offer our new refer a friend & earn money back program! For every friend you refer to us that uses our service.we will send you a $25 giftcard. If you enjoyed our mattress selection please share the love!

Latex Mattresses vs Memory Foam

A common question we get here at San Diego Mattress Makers, is what type of mattress should I buy? A latex mattress or memory foam? Usually the person who asks that question is tired of their innerspring mattress and wants to try something different. A simple answer to that question is it depends… There are […]

Different Types Of Innersprings

  So you’re shopping for an innerspring mattress but don’t know the difference?  This article is all about the different types of innerspring mattresses on the market. The goal of this article is not to tell you which is better, rather it is so that you know the type of innerspring mattress you are purchasing. […]

Talalay Latex VS Dunlop

  If you are in the market for a latex mattress the biggest question you probably want to know is what’s the difference between Talalay and Dunlop. I am sure you have already went over to the google machine and started some research of your own.  If you have, you may be getting conflicting information […]

Latex Mattress Overview

  So you want to learn about latex? Latex is one of the older and also newer types of mattresses. I know, that did not make much sense. But let me explain. Latex has been used in mattresses since the 1920’s but within the last decade it has made a huge resurgence. Latex has the […]

What Is A Latex Mattress?

When I am asked about latex mattresses often times people are curious on the feel and the process on how a latex mattress is manufactured. It is funny to think you can you sleep on the same thing that is worn on the hands of doctors? A latex mattress in an all-natural rubber that is […]

How To Find the Perfect Mattress

  We all love perfect. We all want the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect spouse, or even perfect kids. But like most things very few things can be perfect. What about the perfect mattress? Is there such thing as the perfect mattress? Well it depends, there are several factors to look for when […]

Do I Need A New Mattress?

Is the Pope Catholic? No just kidding… it all depends. If your mattress looks anything like the picture listed in this article then the answer is a definite yes. If it doesn’t then what you will want to do is evaluate how your body feels after a night’s rest. Are you waking up with aches […]

Mattress Care

This section you’ll learn to tips on how to extend the life of your mattress. You’ve just invested good money on your new mattress now you want that mattress to last as long as possible this section will help you get the most out of your mattress.

Memory Foam

Our memory foam mattresses use some of the highest quality and highest density memory foam around, and we’re hundreds if not thousands of dollars cheaper than some leading brands.

Orthopedic Mattresses

Our Orthopedic mattresses are designed with your back in mind. They are made with a high carbon steel innerspring that gives you optimum support and durability.

RV Mattresses

With the thousands of dollars you spent on your RV, don’t settle for a cheap, flimsy, unsupportive stock RV mattress. Our RV mattresses will give you the comfort, support and longevity you’re used to experiencing at home.

Boat Mattresses

We’ve been building mattresses for the San Diego boating community for over 20 years . Our boat mattresses will give you the comfort and luxury you’re used to at home, while on the sea.

Custom Mattress

Whether you need a custom mattress for your boat, RV, antique bed, or even a Shaq, we got your custom mattress solutions taken care of. We can make any mattress any size, shape or feel you need.